Two years ago, Tseng of the Turks heard Tifa, the newly-hired waitress at the Turks' favorite slum bar, drop a tray of glass and start swearing in Wutaian. Half an hour later, she was looking him in the eye and telling him she grew up in Nibelheim -- and was there when Nibelheim went up in flames.

Since that moment, he's been doing everything he needs to do in order to get her and Rufus in the same room, because he knows she has answers to the questions that have been plaguing him and the man he's loyal to since the moment they heard of the town's destruction -- answers that might mean Shinra's destruction, or its salvation.

And perhaps unfortunately for Tseng, his plan is about to work.

lullabye for the new world order

a final fantasy vii au by synecdochic

0. apocalypse child (in a nuclear field)


i. where secrets lie (in the border fires)

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ii. just gonna get my feet wet (until i drown)

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iii. i am sleeping on a time bomb (i am waiting for the light to come)

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iv. got your whole life to do something (and that's not that long)

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v. any one of us is half without another (one is you)

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An (Incomplete) List Of Things Kisaragi Tseng Learned In His First Year Of Exile

Tôi Kratistôi

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Fly To Others That We Know Not Of by Branch

art: [personal 
profile] ilyat; banners: [personal 
profile] synecdochic; original brainstorming with [personal 
profile] ladysisyphus. Takes as canon only the original game, with scattered bits of Crisis Core and Before Crisis as flavor; completely ignores most bits of backstory provided in other bits of the Compilation. Ages of characters have been adjusted for dramatic purposes.