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The Conscience of the King

1.Aug.2011: I know it looks like it might be, but this story isn't abandoned; I do plan on finishing it, and I've recently returned to writing FF7 with Lullabye for the New World Order.

Status of chapter 22: Started

The Conscience of the King

Preview: Can't Happen Here
Chapter One: Last Year's Man
Chapter Two: Little Conversations
Chapter Three: Masters of War
Chapter Four: Try Not To Breathe
Chapter Five: A Little Pouring Out of Treasure
Chapter Six: Deep As You Go
Chapter Seven: The Lady's Not For Burning
Chapter Eight: A Hundred Years
Chapter Nine: A Common Disaster
Chapter Ten: I'm On Fire
Chapter Eleven: Colorblind
[ Side Story: Halo (by W2) ]
Chapter Twelve: Runaway Train
Chapter Thirteen: Throwing Stones
Chapter Fourteen: Mortal City
Chapter Fifteen: Seven Year Ache
Chapter Sixteen: Your Next Bold Move
Chapter Seventeen: Blood in the Boardroom
Chapter Eighteen: Windmills
Chapter Nineteen: Death Whispered a Lullabye
Chapter Twenty: Little Earthquakes
Chapter Twenty-One: High And Dry
Chapter Twenty-Two: A Rush Of Blood To The Head
Chapter Twenty-Three: Letting The Cables Sleep
Chapter Twenty-Four: Those Final Feet
Chapter Twenty-Five: Staring At The Sun
Epilogue: After The Fall

A beautiful picture by BlackRose, intended to illustrate the end of chapter 11, presented to D for her birthday. Click for full version.

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Can't Happen Here [by Ashlea]
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