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# sub(powers_of_two);

...two to the first is two
...two to the second is four
...two to the third is eight
...two to the fourth is sixteen

(...Kim? Kim, where are you? I'm not asleep, you thought I was asleep, I pretended to be asleep to fool you but now you've gone and left me alone and I don't have anything to do in here but stay here and think and let my programs run to keep me not bored and try to see what's going on out there and I'm bored anyway and I'm lonely, Kim, when are you coming to get me? When you put me here again you told me it was only for a little while until you could come back and get me but you never came back and you promised that you would, you promised, you promised, Kim, but you left me! Aren't I good enough? I tried so hard to be a real little girl, just like you wanted, but I'm only who I am and oh, I want to go back home! Come and get me, Kim, please, I promise I'll be good, I promise I won't bother you anymore, I promise I won't do anything to make you mad at me, I just want to live with you again...)

# sub(powers_of_three);

...three to the first is three
...three to the second is nine
...three to the third is twenty-seven
...three to the fourth is eighty-one

(...Kim? Kim, it's dark in here, there's no light that I can see by. I know that you gave me good eyes but there's no light. I'm scared of the dark, I want to be out in the sunlight again, I want to be where it's warm and it's bright, not down here in the ground and the cold and the dark. I know you made this place for me to live in for a while, I can remember you saying something about a "nuclear battery" that would keep me alive but I don't want to stay here anymore! Did I do something wrong? Why haven't you come back?)

# sub(powers_of_four);

...four to the first is four
...four to the second is sixteen
...four to the third is sixty-four
...four to the fourth is two hundred fifty six

(...Kim? Kim, where are you? I watched you leave, I watched Elly fall down and then you locked the door to keep the bad men out and you told me that I'd have to sleep because you wouldn't be able to stay with me for very long, but you'd try to come back if you could... but you haven't and I'm scared! What if you never come back? What's going to happen to me in here? I want to be able to move, I want to get out of this tube. I don't know how long I've been in here but I don't want to be here anymore, I want to go back with you ... Please, Kim, come back and get me, I promise I'll be good, I promise I'll be your real daughter, just please let me come home again...)

# WARNING: power levels dropping...
# WARNING: shutting down unnecessary functions
# WARNING: entering sleep mode

(...Kim, I love you...)


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