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Hard; hard. Hard on me to see you, free you, freeze you where you stand, pick you up and take you down. Come to take you, come to make you. Come to wrap you up and melt you down.

Cock my rifle; cock my gun. Cock my eyebrow and grin, erratically, erotically, erasing your grace, erecting you from your rest as I stand in your doorway and taunt you, tease you, radiating heat and waiting for the grin to begin, thriving on the smile and waiting for the bait.

Step, stop. Strip your shirt; shift your shaft and nip your hip. Heart beats tattoo in chest, lips trace tattoo on face, hands rove a random run around you. Shear your shorts and shuck your shame. Beautiful, baby, beautiful; broad back, bare body, bared to share, rare, bawdy and rowdy. My baby. My body burns, becoming beclouded by your beauty. Bestir my basic grace, my face bewildered, bewitched by your barest twitch, your inhaled air, silent sussurration softly hissing through your lips. Fascinated by favorite face, form framed facilely by hands and hair.

Let me love you, let me lift you, lick you left and right, toe to top, tail to tit, language long lost in a blaze of haze, raising matters between us, discarding distance with a flick of the wrist. Drag you down and dirty, dare to dabble in daylight and drama. Drowning, I'm drowning in our dreamy debauchery. Decadent and definite, creating cascades of captive prayer, caesura pure, forming a lure for me to lick your lips and lave your navel. I'll take you, I'll make you. I'll lead you out and lure you in.

Mouth to skin, out, in, suck your shaft with a sweet surrender. Prick my nails and pinch your nipples, pulse pounding, purveying paroxysms. Declining to dementia, denigrating deviation. Draw you down and drive you wild.

Back to back and belly to belly, mounting the tension, tending to intent. Drawing out, sinking in. Falling, I'm falling into you. Sip your skin and nip your lip. Explode inside as you scream my name.

Notwithstanding but reclining, reaping rewards of release, rare and radiant. Came to take you. Came to make you. Came inside you, shivering and shimmering, shrouded in gold, senses shrined and shored.

Came to make me whole.

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