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               yes. god

     we are almost there
god we are your servants
     god take us unto you
god we have lived in your wilderness
          your wasteland
          your desolation
god we have done your work

               god we have done as you have commanded us
take us now
take us to your glory
take us to your power
take us to your kingdom
     god open your doors to us and let us in
     make of us your children
          your offspring
          your beloved
god we are your voice
               and o your voice is ours

     god we have shepherded your creation
               god we remember your voice
     god we remember your touch
          your power
          your presence
               we remember your love
god we have done what you have asked
god we have been your hands and your body
give us back our own

[Thanks to Arielle for letting me know who this book is about]

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