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Are you still bent by the water
with a stone held in your throat
half your life a battle taken
half your soul a penance thought
Is he reaching for your weakness
Is he shadowing your eyes
Is he listening in the darkness
For the heartbreak of your cries

There's a flower in your movement
There's a darkling glimmer shines
And your heartbeat keeps you hungry
And your blood still keeps the time
And you know, now, that it's over
Yet you reach for him to hold
And you know his touch will burn you
Like the sunlight over gold

Take me with you
Take me down
I am weary
I will drown
In your heartbreak
In your eyes
In the silence
Of your cries
I am offering
You are near
Take me with you
I am here

One last lingering forgiveness
One more greeting and farewell
Never hearing, never heeding
What the past would have you tell
You are left here in the gloaming
Of the artificial land
Breezes catch you in the twilight
Catch and throw you to the ground
You will sleep, then, in the river
Lulled no more by light and sound

And he'll sit and watch you sleeping
In the ever afternoon
Take your heart and pour it fully
To the dream that wakes you soon
He will mark you in your river
Though you cannot help but see
Through the tears of sudden raindrops
Of the man you used to be

Take me with you
Take me now
Let me feel you
Help me drown
You are penance
You are pride
Kept in river
Cleansed by tide
I am suffering
Help me see
Take me with you
Set me free

You are river
I am land
Help me reach you
I am suffering
Help me see
Take me with you
Set me free

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